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LEER HF350 vs HF650M

The purpose of this article is very simple. It's to compare the LEER HF350M vs HF650M. These are two great covers that have some of the same great features, but individually have different benefits to offer. Their like brothers. Cut from the same cloth, yet have their own personalities. After reading this analysis my hope is that you will have the information you need to decide which one fits your needs the best. First I'll lay out the similarities then I'll discuss what makes them unique. 


  •  Both have rails.
    • The HF650M has a two piece rail, while the HF350M has a one piece setup.
  • Don't require drain tubes.
    • The advantage of this is it makes for easier installation. The only disadvantage may come during heavy rain for water may leak in a little more compared to those that have drain tubes that divert the water away. Though no cover is 100 percent waterproof, the HF350M and HF650M do an excellent job of keeping the bed of your truck dry. 
  • Clamp on design.
    • Both the HF350M and HF650M have an easy clamp on design that requires no drilling. 

  • The Cync latching system
    • The Cync latching system is an excellent feature offered on both these covers. There are no cables hanging down that get in the way or can be damaged during loading or unloading equipment in the back of your truck. The way the latch is mounted under the cover also makes it very difficult for thieves to try and break into your truck bed. With your tailgate locked and the cover closed you have an added level of security with this system. Very easy to operate with just a couple fingers and can be operated from either side of the truck. 

  • Material
    • The HF350M and HF650M are made of a Fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel allowing them to be lightweight, yet strong and durable.
  • Tailgate function
    • Both allow you to shut the tailgate with the cover closed or shut the cover with the tailgate closed. The cover can not be opened without first unlocking/opening the tailgate. Again giving that extra level of security. 
  • Open position
    • Both the HF350M and HF650M can be supported by prop rods in the open position away from the back of the cab. Keeping the cover from rubbing and causing damage. Also allows the cover to be in the open position while driving. Giving 100 percent bed access.

  • Warranty
    • LEER offers a 3 year limited warranty on both these covers. 


  •  Profile
    • The LEER HF350M has a raised above the bed profile. The advantages of this profile are: More on top of the bed of the truck allows for water to shed off more easily, also being higher gives a little more room for cargo under the cover. The disadvantage of this is the lack of a low profile look. 
    • The LEER HF650M has a low profile flush mount look. 
  • Number of Panels
    • The LEER HF350M is a tri-fold cover that has three larger panels. It has less open/close positions. Has two Cync latching positions. Allows for 100 percent bed access when in the full open position, but does block the third brake light. 
    • The LEER HF650M is a quad fold cover that has four smaller panels. It has more open/close positions. Has 3 Cync latching positions. Allows for 100 percent bed access when in the full open position, and does not block the third brake light. 

  • Price
    • The prices are yes different, but not by much. The HF350M typically cost between $1000 to $1100. While the HF650M is $100 more running between $1,100 to $1,200.


 As you can tell the HF350M and the HF650M have many of the same features. Many of the best features that LEER has to offer are found in both of these covers. The Cync latching system, the tailgate function and the ability to drive with the cover open are probably the biggest features they share. When it comes down to making a decision on which one best fits your needs your probably going to be looking at the number of panels and profile. For there isn't a huge difference in price. The HF350M has a lot of the best features at a slightly smaller price tag, but for a little more money you can get all the best features with the HF650M.